During the last two months Covid-19 has changed our lives, our business and everything else.

ECAs and IFIs are helping their clients to manage the economic impact of this crisis and, by doing this, are stabilizing the world’s economy and paving the way for its recovery. Fighting at the frontline to counter the economic impact of the Corona Crisis they are challenged in terms of capacity and flexibility - be it for existing engagements that struggle or for extending new support quickly in order to soften the impact of the crisis.

Your Global ECA Coordination Team

We, the EY-AHB Alliance, feel honored that we have been asked by many ECAs and IFIs to assist with their efforts with our tailored and specific support packages. We have supported ECA and IFI business with additional manpower and connected resources world-wide:

  • Cash flow/liquidity forecasting.
  • Independent feasibility studies on restructuring proposals. 
  • Services as “extended work bench” for restructuring departments.
  • Process and case management for non-performing engagements.
  • Review and analysis of waiver requests.

We have a broad set of tools, resources and thought leadership available which are there to support in judgement and decision-making processes.

Our industry sector knowledge

Latest data, outlook and news are available for almost every industry sector, including:

  • Power & Utilities
  • Oil & Gas
  • Mining & Metals
  • Cruise Shipping

Please do not hesitate to contact us! We'll get through this - together!